John Blanche – The Voodoo Forest

By: stevilgenius

Jan 19 2015

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Been too busy with hobby and the day job this last month or two to fit any art in, but wanted to share this. I came across the art of John Blanche in my early teens back in the 80’s. I fell in love with his black and white book illustrations. I would stare at his drawings for hours, getting lost in the wildernesses they depicted, imagining the stories behind the hard faced individuals inhabiting them. He is best known these days as one of the chief architects behind the Warhammer universe. The new drawings in this link take me back to those earlier works. I love them. I love them to the point I want to get my pen out and start drawing again. Enjoy!


This week we received a very very very special delivery to our cogitators.

John Blanche, the master mind and art director behind so much of our favorite universe rarely works on non GW IP. Recently he has been doing a stunning series of Fauna and Forest, poring subconsciously from his crafting pen and decided Iron Sleet would be suitable forum to share them.

“These are therapeutic exercises that flow from the pen without engaging mi brain without thought or even colour washes – they represent some kind of art inner core – and as such are a completely immersive experience in a similar way to converting miniatures …..”



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